Corporate Farming Ban

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Farmers filled up the seats of a Capitol hearing room Tuesday to voice their opposition to a proposal that would ask for a study of Nebraska's ban on corporate farming.

Some farmers said they are concerned the proposal is a tactic to take down the ban they say has helped them maintain their family farms.

But Senator Bob Kremer of Aurora said the bill (LB1086) he introduced is not an effort to chip away at the ban in order to usher in the age of corporate agri-business in Nebraska.

Kremer said he does not want corporations to take over Nebraska's agricultural industry.

But he does want Nebraska to take a closer look at how the ban is working.

The ban was added to the state Constitution through a citizen petition initiative led by the Nebraska Farmers Union in 1982.

Gov. Mike Johanns decided in July a study of I-300 was needed after a report commissioned by the State Department of Agriculture said Nebraska should be more open to corporate farming.