Helping Hand

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It's been a tough week for Wood River firefighters dealing with the loss of two fellow firefighters. Thanks to area departments Wood River's department has been able to focus on the tragic loss and not worry about responding to any emergency calls.

Cairo, Shelton, Alda and Grand Island fire departments are covering the Wood River fire district. Grand Island fire chief Jim Rowell says, "We share common cause. Our whole purpose is to provide care for our family and friends."

G.I.F.D is providing ambulance care for any calls that may require an ambulance. While the other departments are responding to fire calls. Wenesday morning there was an emergency call and Wood River fire chief Roger Derr says, the other departments have "rescued us from something that is an incident for us."

Derr says he never expected other departments to volunteer to willing to cover their region and for that he's not sure who he'll ever repay them.