Students Expelled for Having Explosives

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Four Pound Middle School students were expelled for a year after they brought explosives to school.

Police determined the devices were part of a large stash of illegal fireworks and homemade explosives found in southern Lancaster County February 11th.

“I was going to keep it until we go to the lake in Minnesota, because we go there on the fourth of July. I was going to light it there,” said Camryn Hermann.

Hermann said he got the device from another kid at school.

Students alerted Pound administrators that Hermann and three other kids had the explosives. They were immediately suspended and later expelled for a full calendar year. Their parents said the punishment is too drastic.

“Kids are kids. Kids love fireworks. But they knew it was wrong. I agreed with them suspending them or even suspending them a little longer than five days. But when they said expelled for a year I thought that was a little extreme,” said Stacie Truax.

Lincoln Public school officials said they had no choice because the students violated federal law.

“Any student who has a firearm on school property or at a school activity, it is required that we recommend a one year expulsion,” said Becky Wild Director of Student Services.

Hermann said he didn’t intend to harm anyone.

“I wasn’t going to do anything destructive with it or try to hurt anybody,” he said.

Three of the families are appealing to the Lincoln School Board to overturn the punishment.