Smoking Ban

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As it reads now, the Department says the ordinance would be almost impossible to enforce.
Currently the ordinance says any business selling less than 60 percent food, would still be allowed to have smoking. Judy Halstead with LLCHD says, "The biggest concern with this ordinance is trying to make sure we can implement and enforce what it says. We also have difficulty even knowing who it is that we are going to enforce this with." The department wants to get rid of the 60-40 rule all together. It wants all businesses other than bars with limited food service to be required to have a smoking room. If businesses don’t want to do that, they can become smoke free.
Under the current ordinance, people under the age of 18 would not be allowed in a bar that allows smoking. The Health Department says if the council would make this change, it would say children can go into the non-smoking part of the business.
The department also wants the start of the ordinance to change from July first to November first.