Scout Sponsor Arrested

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Rev. Norman Leach was arrested Thursday afternoon and will be charged Friday with third degree sexual assault of a child.

Leach is the former executive director of the Lincoln Interfaith Council. He also chartered Boy Scout troop 911 to the Interfaith Council. Leach has been involved in scouting since he was a boy.

“The Lincoln Police Department contacted us a couple of weeks ago and informed us that they had an investigation that involved Rev. Leach and several of the boys from troop 911,” said Scout Executive Steven Smith.

Last week Leach resigned from the Interfaith Council for reasons he didn’t publicize.

The council issued a brief statement: “Our primary concern at this time is that any who need healing will feel safe enough to come forward.”

This is an ongoing investigation and the Child Advocacy Center in Lincoln is heavily involved. Center workers are talking to all boys in Troop 911, ages nine to 18, who have come forward with abuse allegations.

Lynn Ayers with the center says the situation is particularly difficult because it involves an authority figure.

“It is an extra kind of dynamic. The loyalty and trust that not only the child put in this individual, but the family put in this individual, by allowing them into this child’s life.

The Boy Scouts plan to meet with parents of all area Scouts in couple of weeks.