Rev. Leach in Court

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Leach was arrested on suspicion of third degree sexual assault. Police say they have probable cause to believe he had sexual contact with a juvenile. The 63-year-old is the former Executive Director of the Interfaith Council and has served as a sponsor of the Boy Scout Troop on behalf of the council.

The alleged incidents of sexual abuse were released in an affidavit Friday. The police report says a 15-year-old Boy Scout in Leach's troop, 911, spent the night in Leach's home.

The boy says he spent the night at Leach's home, the last time being in February.
He and another Boy Scout slept with Mr. Leach in his bed. According to the affidavit the boy indicated Mr. Leach insisted they all sleep in the same bed. The boy reports Mr. Leach inappropriately touched him sexually on more than five separate occasions. These are just some of the allegations found in the affidavit.

Reverend Dr. Norman Leach made his first court appearance Friday in Lancaster County. The judge set bond at $25,000. The judge granted County Attorney Gary Lacey's request to prohibit Dr. Leach from contact with anyone under 17.

The court also ordered Dr. Leach to turn in his passport should he post bond.

The County Attorney also turned over FBI documents showing Dr. Leach had been arrested in Napa Valley, California in 1974. The charges were related to sodomy, sex perversions, and lewd contact.

The police reports also revealed that Leach did not deny responsibility for the sexual assault. In the documents, Leach told police he had a problem and has been seeking counseling for that problem.