New Movie Has Ticket Sales Going Through the Roof

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Mel Gibson has been involved in many films that have had huge box office receipts. But his "The Passion of the Christ" has been described as a labor of love, something he wanted to do regardless of ticket sales. Nevertheless, "The Passion" could easily set new records when it first opens for the public on Ash Wednesday, Feb 25. "At this point I can tell you we have sold approximately 12,000 seats in advance for the three Lincoln theaters" says Douglas Theaters President Dave Livingston.

"Schlinder's List" was the only movie in recent years to see significant advance ticket sales--mostly to school groups. But "The Passion of the Christ" has already shattered anything else for advance sales. Several churches have purchased entire blocks of tickets for screenings.

Douglas Theaters president Dave Livingston notes many churches have book the first week of 7 p.m. showings, the most popular movie times. And 25 exhibitions are soldout for the first three weeks. Livingston says, though, tickets are available for matinee and late (9 p.m.) performances.

To get ticket sale information for "The Passion of the Christ" in Lincoln, East Park 467-3325, Edgewood 421-7224, Douglas Three 474-4909.