Student Found With Gun

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A student is caught at a high school basketball game with a gun. The incident happened over the weekend at North Star.

Police tell 10-11, the 15-year-old was carrying a 25 caliber semi-automatic pistol. He was attending a basketball game when the gun fell out of his waist band. Someone saw the gun drop, and told police. The teen ran. Police were able to catch him.

Police Chief Tom Casady says, "Obviously it's a big concern when a 15-year-old gets a gun from his uncle and takes it to school."

Chief Casady says this is the sixth incident in 2004 involving a teen taking a firearm or weapon to school.

This is the third incident at North Star in the last month. In this case, the gun was not loaded. North Star officials are meeting with some parents and staff Tuesday to decide if they need to make any changes to their campus.

In most cases like this, the school district immediately suspends the student. Then later reviews the case and will decide if the student will be expelled or not.