Crane Migration

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The manager of the Rowe sanctuary along the Platte River near Gibbon says the 2004 sandhill crane migration is under way.

Paul Tebbel says cranes began arriving last week in the Kearney-Gibbon area. He estimates about 5,000 birds in the region.

Tebbel says in a typical crane migration most of the migrating birds can be seen in fields and wet meadows if one stays south of the Platte.

He says migrating geese also are using the river because most of the wetlands south of Platte are dry due to drought conditions.

Tebbel says the majority of cranes will arrive between March 15 and 25. He says another big storm could slow the migration, however. He says crane will not migrate during or just after a storm.

Tebbel says the cranes will leave for Canada during the first days of April.