Reverend's Arrest May Have Impact on Community Centers

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Reverend Norman Leach was first jailed last week on suspicion of third degree assault. Leach has been very active in Lincoln's Interfaith Council, the Asian Center, the African Center and other community centers. David Taw is a coordinator for the African Center. He credits Leach with making the center at 12th and F Streets happen. "He's the one who give these opportunities to African people, he's the one who upgrades the communities, he's the one who organized this community", Taw adds.

Lincoln has a diverse community, one that is becoming more diverse each year. Father Joseph Rafique has known Leach through the Interfaith Council, as well as multicultural development work. Rafique worries about the impact of the arrest. "Its just the beginning so it's very hard to envision what impact (the) Rev. Norman Leach thing would have on my work", Rafique adds.

An arrest involving a charge like this often causes people to shy away from the accused. But David Taw believes guilty or not, Leach's efforts will not be forgotten. "When somebody gives you an opportunity to do something you want to do, you couldn't forget somebody like that".