Alcohol Law Strengthened

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In a five to two vote the Lincoln City Council decided no business can ask for an exemption to a law prohibiting alcohol sales within 100 feet of a residential district, park, day care, church or mental health facility.

"This is about the safety of citizens. This is about preventing a beer store from going in someone's backyard," said Councilman Jonathan Cook.

The Lincoln Neighborhood Alliance pushed to strengthen the law. They say it will make neighborhoods cleaner and safer.

"Having it in black and white will be good for business owners. It's good for neighbors to have some protection," said Carol Brown.

Councilman Jon Camp voted against the addition to the ordinance. He believes some exemptions are valid.

"This body has no discretion here after. None of this would come to us. It doesn't come to us that often. So I think we are doing more of a disservice," said Camp.

Mayor Seng is expected to sign the addition to the ordinance.