Same Sex Marriages

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President George W. Bush has asked congress for help in banning same sex marriages. Bush's plan is for congress to amend the constitution's definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman. However, the President says individual state's should be able to determine what if any rights would be given to a couple of the same sex.

Barbara DiBernard of Lincoln has been in a same sex relationship for 15 years. DiBernard says it's not so much getting a marriage license as it would be getting civil rights. The Lincolnite says she and her partner just signed papers that would allow them to visit each other in the hospital if something should be wrong.

On the other hand, Pastor Dan Fraser says something needs to be done and is glad the President is taking action. Fraser says, "I think he's saying there is a standard the country needs to uphold."

Both Nebraska U.S. Senators disagree with the President's approach. Ben Nelson says they shouldn't infringe with state's rights, while Senator Chuck Hagel says they shouldn't use the constitution for this. Hagel says the constitution is for things that cannot be solved any other way.