Neighbors Debate Motorcross Track

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A plan to expand use of a motorcross track near Denton brought out a packed house to the Lancaster County Board meeting for a public hearing.

The track is currently owned by Dr. David Samani who wants to include practices, classes and races at the track.

Dirt bike riders say Nebraska is in desperate need of an open track.

“Our biggest problem is we don’t have anywhere to go. We’ve been going to Iowa and Kansas; I ride for three hours and drive for eight. It doesn’t make sense,” said Leiting.

Opponents are worried about decreased property value, increased traffic and noise.

“It’s clear that race tracks are a disturbance to the people around them. There is noise pollution. There’s dust. It’s a health hazard,” said Mary Mild.

Debate went on at the public hearing for about eight hours. The commission plans to draft a new proposal and take a vote at their meeting on March 9.