The Road to Cash

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The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and several city and state leaders announced they are going after federal dollars for roads projects. The state with support from the city wants $165 million to help pay for the south beltway project. It's a project that connects Interstate 80 near Waverly to Highway 77 near Saltillo road.

The money would come from the Federal Highway Spending Bill. Congress is currently working on the bill that may have allocated funds of more than $250 billion.

Chamber of Commerce's director Jim Fram says he'll be going to Washington D.C. March first with a group of people from Lincoln. Fram says they'll be talking with Nebraska's congressional delegates who will have to pitch the state's plan for the money.

Besides asking for $165 million for the beltway project, the plan also calls for $50 million from the same federal bill for the Antelope Valley Project's streets and bridges.