Internet Safety

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Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning says a month long campaign on internet safety will educate Nebraskans about the dangers on-line.

“My hope is that internet safety month will inspire more Nebraskans to get involved in educating their kids, educating themselves in making sure we can avoid these on-line dangers so we can keep our kids cyber-safe,” said Bruning.

Jan Makovicka said she is in constant communication with her two children about their internet use.

“Before they go on (the internet) I ask them where they are going. I check their buddy list to see who they are talking with,” said Makovicka.

Bruning says one in five children using chat rooms has been approached by an on-line predator. 70% of those solicitations happen at home.

Experts say parents should set up home computers in an open area so they can see what websites their children visit.