Students Sticking with Spain

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Twenty-eight Lincoln Public Schools students are sticking to their plans. They boarded a plane in Omaha Thursday morning and headed overseas to Madrid, Spain. The trip has been in the works since the fall, but the March 11 bombing of commuter trains almost put a snag in their plans. "My host family was really worried I wouldn't be able to come," says senior Jody Frazer.

Over the last week, school officials talked to national leaders about the safety of the students if they were to continue with the trip. After being reassured that the teens would not be in unnecessary danger, teachers and parents gave the trip its final green light. "I feel kind of okay because things are going to be a lot more secure there after the bombing," Jody explains.

While in Spain, students will tour famous sites and attend a week of school. But some parents think there is an even more important job their kids can do while they are there.

"I think it is especially important now for Americans to go there and be good ambassadors to the country, to show Spaniards that we love them," says Vikas Padhye, who's daughter, Leena, is on the trip.