Recall Petition

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A recall petition has been filed against a Holt County official for the second time in a year.

This time, a petition has been filed against County Clerk Gary Devall. Last summer, a recall effort against Sheriff Bruce Theye failed to collect enough signatures.

Vicki Strong of Atkinson filed the latest recall petition, alleging Devall is "meddlesome of other elected officials' offices to the point of causing work stoppage."

Strong said Devall is unwilling to listen to taxpayers. Devall, who has 20 days to file a written reply to the charges before the petition can be circulated, said he absolutely denies the charges and some are just matters of opinion.

Devall said he believes the petition was actually authored by Sheriff Theye.

Devall has been subpoenaed to testify against the sheriff at an April 5 trial regarding his failure to collect 48 distress warrants for property taxes amounting to almost $23,000. At least 1077 valid signatures are needed to trigger a recall election for Devall.