Soldiers Return from Iraq

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After more than 14 months away from home about a half a dozen Columbus soldiers are glad to be back home.

“It’s nice. It doesn’t seem like this year really happened,” said Staff Sergeant Donna Bloom.

Dozens of people came out to welcome their hero’s home. News of daily violence in Iraq kept many of the families on edge throughout the past year.

“That what I thought about every single day. I just kept praying and hoping everything would work out and it did,” said Carrie Smoots the wife of one soldier.

The soldiers have many memories of the lives they touched.

“The most touching sight I saw was one of our convoys and seeing the girls going to school. It brought tears to your eyes,” said Bloom.

They endured 155-degree heat and months without outside contact. Now they are looking forward to their first night back.

“Just go back home and relax. Probably have the first home cooked meal in about a year,” said Major Bob Smoots.

All the members of the 530th Police Battalion returned home safely.