Training in Flames

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The Waverly Fire and Rescue Department doesn't get many chances to burn a house to the ground on purpose. Saturday, they used a donated house to train new recruits on how to fight fires.

First, an explosion was set off in the house to mock a meth lab explosion for a public service announcement being filmed. Then the firefighters took it over for a controlled burn. They spent most of the day there running drills and by the time they were done, the house was burned to the ground.

The training is invaluable to those who have never fought fires before. New volunteer Bryce Boehler says he is excited to learn "basic fire fighting skills, get in there and see what the animal actually does as they call it, how to know it down."

Even Rescue members who don't normally fight fires got in on the action. EMT Nancy Myer says, "It will be a nice learning experience. It will give us the opportunity to see as EMTs what its like for the firefighters who are in there.