Lawmakers Say No to Levy Increases

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They say they're looking for a compromise. So far, state lawmakers have just gone round and round when it comes to balancing the budget.

Monday, Senators threw out two proposals that would increase property taxes.

The first was Senator Roger Wehrbein's amendment to increase school levies from $1.05 to $1.10. It was rejected.

Senator Ernie Chambers followed up with an amendment that would make the increase $1.07. Chambers said he was looking for a compromise.

Lawmakers initially said no to the amendment. Senator Wehrbein called for a re-vote in an attempt to keep it alive. Lawmakers threw it out again.

"We have no consensus. We have 49 different ideas on how to do it," says Senator Roger Wehrbein.

Some lawmakers would like to raise income taxes as an alternative.

Senator Kermit Brashear is planning to introduce an amendment that would balance the budget with a bond issue.

The session ends in about two weeks.