Greenwood Shootings

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A man already serving 54 years for a federal bank robbery conviction is getting another 15-year sentence for shooting a rural Cass County couple.

James Allee Junior, his half-brother and a woman fled a Lincoln bank they robbed March 14th, 2002, and broke into a rural Greenwood home. There they shot Les and Retha Debrie before stealing the couple's truck.

Allee was sentenced yesterday (Monday) in the shooting.

The sentence means the earliest Allee could be out of prison is when he is 88 years old.

The Debries, who survived their shootings, say they are glad it is over.

Allee's attorney wanted the shooting sentence to be served at the same time as the sentence for robbing the bank. The judge denied the request, saying Allee had no respect for the law so the sentence should be served after his federal sentence.