LPS Looks at School Bonds and Teacher Cuts

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LPS has had mixed success with bond issues. Voters gave the go-ahead to two new high schools, but turned down other plans in recent years. The business community hasn't always been behind LPS, so the school board asked the Chamber to look over school needs and make a report. The end result? The Chamber committee decided Lincoln Southeast and Northeast high schools need major renovation. "These schools really need immediate attention and they're in a condition that affects their ability to compete among the high schools", comments committee chair Bob Evnan.

The Chamber made four recommendations to the school board:

1) Renovate/refurbish Southeast and Northeast Highs
2) Build a new elementary school in south Lincoln, which is experiencing strong growth.
3) Examine needs in northwest Lincoln. The Chamber did not specify what those needs are, but believes the area needs attention.
4) Add a new school, perhaps a K-8, in Arnold Heights.