Buses Searched

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A child's toy has caused some problems for the FBI, state troopers, and four Greyhound buses in Iowa.

The buses were pulled over Tuesday morning on Interstate 80 near Newton, Iowa.

The FBI says a driver noticed a plain, unmarked box in the baggage department during a stop in Lexington, Nebraska. The driver removed the box and notified Greyhound security, which notified law enforcement.

Meanwhile, the eastbound bus continued on its way. The FBI then asked the Iowa State Patrol to pull it over. Troopers did not know which bus to pull over, so they pulled over four of them.

The owner of the box was identified and interviewed.

Back in Nebraska, troopers used a robot to open the box, and discovered it was a child's toy.

The buses were stopped for about 30 minutes, and when no threat was found, they continued on. No one was arrested.