Good Samaritan Foils Robbery

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It was about 9:30 Monday night when Kyle Arganbright was walking downtown on his way to an engagement party. Suddenly the unexpected happened.

“I heard a lady screaming. I saw she was kind of scuffling with a guy. He had a hold of her purse and was pulling on it. So I took off running across the street and he kind of took off running,” said Arganbright.

He mad sure the woman was okay before going after the suspect. He was then joined in the chase by another Good Samaritan Derrick Liberator.

The two men chased the suspect for several blocks. That’s where they corralled him and waited for the police.

Argenbright said the woman was pretty grateful. The UNL student body president downplays his role in the incident.

“It wasn’t a big deal. It was just kind of instinct. You see somebody who needs help so you take off,” he said.