Police Called Racist

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Omaha police say an Iowa doctor, who alleges racism played a role in his weekend arrest, was arrested because he became agitated and verbally combative with officers.

Doctor Emmanuel Sarpong of Clarinda, Iowa says he was roughed up by Omaha police Saturday in front of his wife and children. Sarpong - who is black - says he was falsely accused of leaving his children unattended in a car outside an electronics store.

Police say Sarpong was told multiple times that he was free to go after the officer determined that it wasn't a case of child abuse or neglect.

According to a police statement, Sarpong continued to use threatening gestures and continued to display his anger by yelling. Police say a second officer arrived at that point and Sarpong was handcuffed after refusing to comply with verbal demands.

Police say if Sarpong is interested in filing a citizen's complaint, it would be handled fairly and thoroughly.