Stable Burglary Arrest

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There's a break in the case of several horse stable break-ins. Paul McCoy of Lincoln has been arrested.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Department believes McCoy took more than $30,000 in horse saddles and other equipment.

Dick Schott of Bennett is one of the victims. He lost more than $10,000 in horse equipment and saddles. He says he knew the suspect who broke in had been there before. Schott says McCoy had worked for a window and door company and had done repairs on his stable.

"Knowing who it was is a relief. When it happened, we knew the people who did it knew what they were after, so just knowing it is a great, great relief to us," says Schott.

The suspect is believed to be linked to a number of stable burglaries in Lancaster County and a few others in Nebraska. The Sheriff's Department says he would take the stolen items to sale barns and pocket the money.