Sergeant at Arms Keeps Working, at 95!

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Sally Gordon is 94, turns 95 on Friday. And she's still working as a sergeant at arms at the Nebraska Unicameral. "I love it, I just love being with people, it gets me out of the house, its just something about working, it keeps me alive" she says.

Gordon has seen the construction of the state capitol building. She remembers the first Unicameral in 1937. And she's known to all senators.

"I think she's the most wonderful person in this institution", says Table Rock Senator Floyd Vrtiska, "And I'll tell you what, when she comes in, they just glow and its such a wonderful thing to have her here" he adds.

Beatrice Senator Dennis Byars echoes that.

"One thing I found about Sally is she always manages to have a happy face on everything, I've never in my life heard Sally complain."