Senators Consider Fair Funds

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The Nebraska State Fair could get some financial help through a proposed constitutional amendment giving it 10% of left over lottery money. If passed it would go before voters in November.

“It says to the public are you prepared to support the state fair. If you are we’ll do it. If not we’ll take the message and we’ll understand what you’re saying,” said Lincoln Senator David Landis.

But some senators say it is unfair to carve out money specifically for the fair in the state constitution.

“How in the world can we write in a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the state fair a couple million dollars a year when we don’t have our basic budget balanced yet?” asked Lincoln Senator Mike Foley.

Senator Pat Bourne wants Lincoln to come up with at least $200,000 in addition to the lottery money. But lawmakers didn’t take a vote on the proposal.

The legislature adjourned before any action could be taken on the proposed constitutional amendment. The house speaker will decide when and if to put it back up for discussion.