Casino Gambling Plan Advanced

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A plan that would put casino gambling before voters is advanced to the final round of debate in the legislature. The measure would allow up to two casinos in the state. Many legislators say it’s time for voters to decide the issue.

“Probably the most sacred thing is the right for people to vote no matter what the subject...I believe it is a constitutional right,” said Senator Ray Janssen.

Senator Gene Tyson opposes the plan saying it is his job to vote on behalf of his constituents.

“The people in Madison County voted for me. This is a representative government, what is so special about this?” asked Tyson.

The plan has steadily gained support in the legislature. Many believe it is just an extension of what already exists in the state.

“We have keno. We have bingo. We have the lottery. We have hamburger baskets full of pickle cards in restaurants so to say we don’t have gambling in Nebraska is a bit disingenuous,” said Senator Jeanne Combs.

If the legislative casino gambling bill is put on the November 2nd ballot it could have some competition. A group of Nebraskan voters are traveling the state gathering signatures to vote on a separate plan.

That petition does not put a limit on how many casinos can run in the state.

A final vote is expected next week.