Lawmakers Pass Abortion Notification Bill

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Lawmakers passed a bill Thursday that's sparked hours of debate this session. It no longer requires schools to hand out information on how students can have an abortion without parental consent.

Senators voted 32 to seven. There were several attempts by lawmakers to move the bill from final reading back to the floor for debate.

Senators DiAnna Schimek and Ernie Chambers introduced amendments. Both were looking for some sort of compromise.

Under LB 172, students will no longer get information in school on how to get an abortion without parents knowing. This has been a requirement by law for more than a decade.

Senator Mike Foley introduced the bill. He says, " For 12 years we've used public schools to distribute abortion information. That's not the role of public educators."

Senator DiAnna Schimek says, "I think we could have had a solution. Now, what the students will get is nothing. I think that's really a shame."

Senator Schimek was hoping to work something out where students could get information through dialing an 800 number or through a designated person at school.

Senator Foley says there are a lot of ways students can get information other than school, such as through the media, internet, and from other sources.