Legislature to Discuss Casino Gambling

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Plans to bring casino gambling to Nebraska haven’t gotten very far in the legislature until now. An executive committee voted to give the bill priority status meaning Speaker Curt Bromm has more control over debate.

One of the sponsors of the bill, Ray Janssen, said Nebraska is losing too much money to other states.

“If we were not bordered on almost every corner of this state by casino gambling I probably would have never looked at it,” said Janssen.

The proposed constitutional amendment would still need voter approval.

“Ultimately it’s putting something on the ballot. To me it’s not an endorsement of the idea. I may vote against what is on the ballot quite frankly,” said Speaker Bromm.

Not all Senators are pleased to see the gambling bill before them again. They say it will cause more problems than it will solve.

“To make a point, I would rather vote for cancer because with cancer at least you have a remission rate. It would be cheaper. I just think it’s bad for Nebraska,” said Senator Gene Tyson.

Senator Janssen believes the bill will advance. He says they have enough votes to overcome any stalling tactics.

The bill will likely be taken up in the middle of next week.