Who'll Stop the Rain?

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People who repeatedly file claims with a national flood insurance program would either have to flood-proof their property or move under a bill to be introduced by Nebraska's senior U.S. senator.

The bill is likely to be introduced next week by Republican Senator Chuck Hagel and others. It nearly mirrors one passed in the House last November backed by Nebraska Congressman Doug Bereuter.

The Senate bill would give flood-prone homeowners the option of flood-proofing their property with the help of federal money or selling it to the government after a second flood claim is filed on it.

Up to $40 million would be authorized each year for four years for property mitigation efforts, such as elevating or relocating flood-prone homes.

Homeowners who refuse to fix or sell the property would be subject to additional 50-percent increases in their flood insurance payments for each additional claim that exceeds $1,500.