Carter Lake Manslaughter

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Douglas County Attorney Stu Dornan said prosecutors will seek manslaughter charges against a Carter Lake man in connection with a weekend police chase that killed three people.

Dornan said he decided to charge Stephen Halbert with three counts of manslaughter instead of motor vehicle homicide because of aggravated circumstances in the case.

Carter Lake police allege that Halbert tried to elude officers early Saturday. Authorities said Halbert was driving in a stolen SUV, turned off his headlights, blew a stop sign and crashed into two motorcycles carrying three people who died in the crash.

Dornan said the fact that Carter Lake police were chasing the wrong man had no bearing on his decision. He said Halbert caused the crash and bears responsibility.

Dornan said Halbert was wanted on a felony warrant for failing to show up to a drug sentencing hearing in Douglas County.

Carter Lake officials have acknowledged that they were seeking an uncle of Halbert's, who was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of sexual assault in Omaha.