HHS Investigation

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It is common practice for Health and Human Services to contract the services of other agencies to care for developmentally disabled clients. But the stabbing of a five-year-old Lincoln boy is now raising questions about how secure the group homes are.

Governor Johanns has ordered HHS to investigate if Active Community Treatment, the agency running the group home where Roger Einspahr was staying, broke their contract by not having him under 24-hour supervision. According to Heath and Human Services Director Nancy Montanex, the governor also ordered them to conduct "a state-wide review of the files for residents of similar facilities to determine if others need more secure settings." That assessment is expected to be done next week.

Active Community Treatment has 23 group homes across the state. There are somewhere between 50 and 100 individuals in group homes with similar profiles as Einspahr. Once the HHS assessment is done, workers will determine if major changes need to be made to how they contract out services.