Vandals Hit Again

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Vandals trash some Lincoln area businesses again. Police say the first incident happened a couple of months ago.

The area hit Thursday morning is near 16th and Cornhusker. Police say five businesses were vandalized.

DSI, a drywall company was left a mess. The owner, Avon Vandewege couldn't believe it. "My heart just went to my throat."

Windows in and outside were broken, cement and mud were dumped all over the floor. Vandewege believes the suspects drove a forklift banging into the exterior, and tearing down walls in the bathroom and his office.

Vandewege says they tried to break into the safe. The only things he could find missing though were tools.

The business next door to DSI was vandalized too. The suspects stole a car and some cash.

Captain Allen Soukup says, "It seems to me we have a pattern developing the area of someone who has a total disregard for property."

Police think the same people are responsible for several vandalisms in the past two months.

Vandewege says, "It's frustrating all the hard work that you do to get things right to see it destroyed overnight is just demoralizing."

Police have no suspects. They need our help. If you have any information call Crimestoppers at 475-3600.