Neighbors to Stabbing - Safe?

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On Wednesday, 56-year-old Roger Einspahr was jailed on suspicion of stabbing a five-year-old boy. Police said Einspahr grabbed the boy, who was riding his bike in the neighborhood. Police said he then brought the boy to a room in the basement and stabbed him.

The boy is recovering at home from the wound.

Einspahr remained in jail Thursday night.

Nancy Montanez, the director of the Health and Human Services System said the government ordered the agency to review files of people with profiles similar to Einspahr's, to find out if they are in secure residences.

Police said Einspahr apparently was not supervised for a time Wednesday afternoon, despite a state contract that mandated he be watched at all times.

Lincoln police chief Tom Casady said police have been called to the group home 18 times since June 2002, many to report a resident missing. This was the third incident involving a weapon.