Boy Scout Public Forum

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Friday night's Boy Scouts public forum was mainly filled with parents actively involved in the organization. They say parents in their troops haven't asked many questions about the safety of their kids, but the leaders want to make sure all their bases are covered. They attended the meeting because they want to make sure they are up to date on the most current Boy Scout policies.

The most important policy parents should be aware of is that kids are never to be left alone with one adult. There absolutely has to be at least two adults at every activity, and most troops have one parent for every child on overnight trips. If a leader tries to behave otherwise, parents should report it to the organization. Parents are also encouraged to take an active role in troop activities, that way they know the leaders and know what their kids are involved in.

Leaders also discussed the charges against Norman Leach and why his past criminal record went under their radar. They also discussed the importance of talking to kids about what behavior is appropiate from adults. There is online youth protection training they suggest every parent take to learn warning signs of abuse.