Landfill Baby

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Officials say they need volunteers to help them search for the body of a baby boy believed to be in a rural Nebraska landfill.

Ten to 20 searchers a day have been using rakes and hoes to sift through tons of garbage at the L.P. Gill Landfill in Jackson. They're looking for a baby born February 2nd in Union County, South Dakota, placed in a bag and put in a garbage can.

Police, sheriff's deputies, firefighters and other emergency workers have been conducting the searches. But resources are starting to wear thin and officials are asking for help.

Volunteers with time Monday through Friday can call the Union County Sheriff's Department or Dakota County Law Enforcement Center. They must be 18 with I.D. and should wear heavy soled shoes or boots.

Union County Sheriff's Department: (605) 356-2679
Dakota County Law Enforcement Center: (402) 494-7555