New Wireless Treatment

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When patients check into the emergency department at Bryan LGH West, their names go on a dry erase tracking board. But starting Tuesday, they will immediately be entered into a computer system connected to a wireless network. It will allow there information will be kept more up-to-minute then every before.

The new tracking board is just part of a wireless overhall coming to the emergency department of both Bryan LGH locations. Nurses will have computers they can roll into any room, so they can directly enter information as they talk to patients. Doctors will also have tablet PCs they carry with them. They are about the size of a sheet of paper, but close to an inch thick. The technology will allow doctors to directly order tests and medications without having to make phone calls or have nurses enter information.

They technology will help avoid mistakes caused by sloppy handwriting or misorders. Once all the kinks are worked out, workers expect patient visits to the emergency department to be a little shorter.

The system starts at Bryan LGH West on Tuesday. It will go into effect at East on April 13th. This is the first complete wireless system in all of Nebraska.