Return from Spain

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On March 18th, 28 Lincoln Public Schools students took off for Spain for spring break. The trip is part of an annual program in which students live for a week with a host family. The trip was canceled last year becuase of America going to war with Iraq, but this year students went despite bombings in Madrid a week earlier.

Late last night, the students returned from the trip, and say they always felt safe. They did not go to the site of the bombings, but say they saw lots of signs like the "United We Stand" posters in America after 9/11. Leena Padhye, a sophmore at Southwest, says, "This is a good time to be an ambassador and to show that we really care about Spain and we care about other countries."

Leena says she had a great time sight seeing and staying with her host family. The biggest culture shock to her was how freindly everyone is. She says it took awhile to get used to people greeting each other by kissing one another's checks. By the end of the trip, she was feeling really good about her Spanish speaking skills, but knows she still has a lot to learn.

Leena says, "The best thing I liked was just the whole family stay and really experiencing the language 24-7 and the culture 24-7.