Rough 72 Hours

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"Today, he was jumping up and down and playing with his brother and sister," according to the victim's mother Jessica Nelson. Wednesday, the five-year-old was kidnapped by a neighbor who lived in a group home in the same neighborhood.

Lincoln Police arrested 56-year-old Roger Einspahr, and he's been charged with kidnapping, second-degree assault and use of a weapon to commit a felony. The arrest warrant affidavit states Einspahr took the boy by the hand to the basement bedroom. The court records go stating that Einspahr stabbed the boy in the side with a knife he had purchased at a garage sale, and had thought about killing the child.

The boy's parents say they can't understand how this happened. Chris Nelson says, "Over the last 24 hours we've learned a lot. This should have never happened."

Einspahr lived in a 24 hour supervised group home. Police say the day of the stabbing, two staff members took clients to run errands, leaving one staff member to oversee three people. Police say the staff member thought only two of them were left and had them on one side of the duplex and didn't know Einspahr was in the north duplex. It wasn't until the staff member needed a telephone that he went into the other side and heard crying. Police say the staff member immediately applied first aid to the wound and called 911.

Jessica Nelson says this was negligence and the employee should have known who was left, "It's like ordering a cheese pizza and getting a pepperoni pizza; that's miscommunication; this wasn't miscommunication."

Einspahr remains in Lancaster County jail. The judge set bond at $150 thousand.