Community Meeting

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The neighborhood on the 400 block of Coddington Blvd was changed dramatically on Wednesday. That was the day a 5-year-old boy was stabbed by a Roger Einspahr who was living in a group home. Friday night, residents met with the group home administrator as well as state and local leaders to discuss the situation.

Many folks raised their voices as they expressed concerns about safety surrounding group homes. Many want the homes to be zoned out of residential areas with high populations of kids, but federal laws would have to be changed for that to happen. Others think agencies like Active Community Treatment need to have better restrictions on who they allow to stay in their homes.

State sentators as well as the Lincoln mayor and police chief were all there to listen to suggestions and to explain the laws surrounding group homes and sex offenders. Einspahr is not a registered sex offender, but was arrested in the 1980's for sexual assualt of a child. That charge was dropped. However there are two sex offenders living in the group home, and neighbors expressed concern that they did not know that. Only level three sex offenders are reported to the public and the two individuals in the group home are level one and level two offenders.

There are several investigations under way to determine who is at fault for the incident and to see what changes need to be made. ACT is creating a plan of action that will be done in the next few weeks. They plan on sharing it with neighbors when it is done.