Boy Stabbing

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The issue of group home resident supervision and safety for those in their neighborhoods will be addressed in a statewide investigation to be conducted this week.

The Department of Health and Human Services will look specifically at care being provided to individuals similar to 56-year-old Roger Einspahr in Lincoln. Einspahr is charged with kidnapping, second-degree assault and the use of a weapon to commit an assault. He allegedly dragged a five-year-old boy to the home Wednesday and stabbed him.

The boy had been riding his bike near the group home when the incident began. He is recovering at home.

The boy's family members were among about 100 people who demanded answers of the group home's administrators at a meeting Friday.

Questions included how many people supervise group home residents and the histories of patients living there.

Gov. Mike Johanns ordered the health agency to review files of people in the system with profiles similar to Einspahr's to see whether they are safety risks to neighborhoods.