LPS to Lose Teachers

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Tuesday the school board will finalize that number.

Most will come through attrition, teachers retiring or planning to leave. However, a handful of teachers will lose their jobs.

LPS officials say those who do lose their job may be hired back before the school year starts when the budget is finalized. Regardless this means less teachers district wide for a sprouting student population.

"In my Spanish class we have kids sitting at a back table instead of a desk," says Molly Rangel, student at Southwest.

Teacher Dennis Hershberger says class size is an issue - but not something they can't overcome.

"Our goal as teachers is to make our students as successful as possible. I think a lot of that comes with smaller class sizes," says Hershberger.

LPS officials look for the budget to become a bit more flexible in a couple of years - saying there's just one more tight year left.