Intersection Changes

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Some residents think plans to re-construct a local intersection will reduce the number of accidents and loosen traffic congestion. Others think it will make it worse. City officials had a meeting with the public Tuesday night.

The plan would take the intersection at 14th near Old Cheney and Warlick and turn it into a four-way intersection. It would re -route a part of Old Cheney west and widen the streets.

Some residents nearby have wanted a change like this for some time.

Kathy Wiens of the Salt Valley Neighborhood Association says, "It's going to be inconvenient for the residents, but we're willing to retrain ourselves to make this whole thing safer."

A nearby business resident says, "There's going to be more noise. It will be just as dangerous if not more; alternatives should be looked at."

City officials say they want the public's comments. Reconstruction is currently set for 2006.