Bush Speech

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Gary and Penny Simanek's son is serving in Iraq. They worry about his safety.

Gary says, "I wonder where he is at and how he is doing."

They listened closely as the President spoke.

During Tuesday's speech the President said, "We will finish the work of the fallen." This is something that Penny was glad to hear the President say. "I like the fact that he's not going to forget about the soldiers that have fallen. I'm happy we are going to stay there in their honor until the job is finished."

Bush also said he's not going to let the terrorists destroy the democracy hopes of the Iraqi people.

He also said, "Our commitment and success in Iraq will not end as of June 30th. Military commitment will continue."

Even though the Simanek Family worries about Ward's safety, they trust in their President. Gary says, "I'm glad it is him doing the job instead of me. I know I wouldn't do it and I don't think anybody else could do it any better."

Ward will return home sometime during 2005.