Charges Filed Against Officers

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Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning files charges against three law enforcement officers.

Bruning charged Keya Paha County Sheriff Greg Swan with failure to get certification in basic law enforcement and unauthorized use of his cruiser, both misdemeanors.

Clarks officer Ron Jones was arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief, two misdemeanor theft counts, and two counts of oppression under the color of office. Those charges stem from an incident in August of 2003, where Jones allegedly fired his gun into the radiator of a vehicle. Jones is also accused of stealing an angle iron from a local business and removing confiscated bottles of liquor and distributing them as gifts.

Silver Creek officer Bernard Kresha is facing one count of accessory to a felony, for allegedly helping Jones conceal evidence used in his criminal offenses.

"Nobody's above the law," Bruning says, "It applies to all of us the same. We're not going to have officers or sheriffs in this state acting like this. They break the law, they're going to get charged; it's that simple."