LPS Job Cuts

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Lincoln Public Schools says they'll have 95 fewer employees in the 2004-2005 school year. Of those 95, 60 are classroom positions.

However, the vast majority of those 60 positions are teachers and paraprofessionals that are leaving voluntarily. In order to meet the 2004-2005 projected budget, LPS would have to hand out two RIF, or reduction in force, notices. Tuesday night, the school board voted 7-0 to do just that.

The two positions being cut are a social worker and an audiologist. The LPS budget for the next school year has yet to be finalized, but state law says RIF notices must be handed out by April 15. It is still possible that these two positions may not be cut after all, if the budget changes.

With all the budget talk, there was plenty of tension in the boardroom. At one point, board member Doug Evans lashed out at fellow board member Ed Zimmer, telling him "not to lecture him" and to "not tell him how to do his job." Evans later apologized to Zimmer for his comments.