Voters to Decide State Fair Issue

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Lawmakers passed a plan Wednesday that would give about $2 million a year of left over lottery money to the state fair. Voters would decide the issue in the November election.

“I feel vindicated by giving them a chance to make what is their declaration of faith about their institution,” said Senator David Landis.

Some Senators say it’s unfair to carve out money in the constitution that only benefits the state fair, adding that state agencies don’t have the same advantage.

“I don’t think it is appropriate for us to propose and submit to the public a constitutional amendment to provide guaranteed money to keep the state fair going. I think if it can’t go on its own it shouldn’t go,” said Senator Donald Pederson.

The State Fair Board says they will now begin a campaign for voter approval of the plan.

“We’re very pleased that a majority of the legislature has given us a vote of confidence and an opportunity to go out and sell the fair to Nebraska so we’re thrilled to death,” said Joseph McDermott Executive Director of the Board.

The plan would also give a percentage of left over money to education, the environment and the compulsive gamblers assistance fund.