Strip Search Hoax

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It happened when a man impersonating a police officer called a Grand Island Movie Gallery where the girls were.

The man then said the girls had stolen something and ordered a store employee to detain them.

“He was like, I’m on my way over there and you girls have two options, we either arrest you and take you downtown to the police station and we can strip search you there. He said it would be in front of a male officer, then he said we could just do it at the store,” said Charlene Murphy.

She and her sister Holly then realized the man was not an officer and called police.

Grand Island Police Captain Robert Falldorf said they are looking for the man but adds that if may be difficult since the man committed the crime by phone.

“They did a *69 and was able to determine that the call was being made from a calling card,” said Falldorf.

The incident happened about three weeks ago. The girls’ mother contacted the media after reading of a similar incident in Kansas.

“I thought maybe if we call someone and let them know that this had happened they would know it was a hoax and if it gets publicized it might keep someone else from falling victim to the same thing,” said Trish Murphy.

It’s a hoax this family won’t soon forget.

“On a Thursday night going to the movie store it doesn’t seem like that could happen. You always hear that there are sickos out there but it doesn’t seem like Grand Island, Nebraska,” reflected Charlene.

The manager at the movie gallery says he did hold an employee meeting to go over procedure. The girls say they will keep going to the store.